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Illness is our body’s way of telling us that we need to pay ourselves more attention!

Illnesses are often caused by psychosomatic factors. If our soul is out of kilter, this also affects our organs and their functions. We make it our mission to offer all of our guests at THE VIEW BEATENBERG custom solutions involving holistic therapies, diagnostics and treatments so that any deterioration to their health can be rectified as quickly as possible.

In addition to using the latest approaches in high-tech medicine, a team of doctors and therapists will be completely devoted to improving your health.

Even Hippocrates said “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE”, and it is in line with this motto that we at THE VIEW BEATENBERG believe in the importance of a healthy dietary regimen that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Unbalanced dietary habits are often the cause of many illnesses. Fortunately though, modern science has made many findings about food and drink that we use to guide our work. We have a sophisticated detox program; which guests can choose to follow during their stay.

During my many years as a health coach and manager of a health institute, I have helped a large number of people find the healthier life that they were searching for. We regard people as individuals, and therefore focus on offering personalized care and support.

The combination of alternative and conventional medicine is very important to me and creates trust and confidence. Our team therefore strives to offer you holistic approaches aimed at restoring your well-being.

After completing a foreign languages degree in English, French and Spanish as an economic correspondent, I initially focused on satisfying my interest in foreign cultures and the lifestyles led by people in other countries. Long periods in both Switzerland and Greece followed.

Due to my great interest in medicine, I decided to train in the pharmaceutical industry so that I could quickly learn about the alternative medical possibilities available too.  My training was followed by apprenticeships in major pharmaceutical companies in Berlin, Aachen and Hanover. I later expanded my areas of work to include marketing/management activities in a rehabilitation clinic in Hesse. In the meantime, my son was born and I founded in a health institute in 2005.

I later moved to Austria, where I established another health institute. Today, I also work as a health coach in the Lake Constance area and am taking on the role of project manager of the Medical Spa at THE VIEW BEATENBERG in the Bernese Highland, Switzerland.

Projec Manager Estime Medical-Spa
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“Live longer and more beautifully” is our philosophy, and that of our team of experienced doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and fitness- and movement coaches. We have been working together as a team for years in a pleasant, productive and peaceful atmosphere. With much time, attention to detail, and experience, we have successfully countered age and/or career-related degeneration. We treat symptom-oriented ailments or prevent them.

We look forward to meeting you!


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