The village Beatenberg

Beatenberg “Top of Interlaken” where the resort “The View Four Season” is constructed. Many people when seeing just a part of “Jungfrau mountain range postcard motif”, they recogninize the place. Like many other famous places, the motif arouses in each of us different feelings. The place has many faces and creates associations to the viewers.

The privacy of a very private hotel

The true wealth of an exclusive manor – whether it is laying on the Highlands of Scotland or in Tuscany – reveals to those who learn about the inner workings, which goes within clear marked borders. Ambiance and style contribute essentially the fact, whether a lordly house is offering an atmosphere with a certain touch, or whether it is just a cheap copy of a dream tries to project. Therefore, little details play a big role.

It would be absurd to imitate all of this. Afterall, “The View Four Season” is not yet part of the history. Nevertheless, crucial whether the emerging hotel looks real to the viewer or if it is just a scenery.

It depends on many details whether the defined idea of a hotel in Alpine Chic Style will be implemented respectively. Concerning the interior, a typical British Manor House could be the template for it. Already long time ago, member of the British aristocracy understood in an exemplary way to provide a very special style to their stately mansions.

When realizing the idea “The View Four Season”, of the secure style of the artists and architects is an abligation.

Let’s focus on certain values instead of concidence: Then a hotel constructed between 2018 and 2020, will provide a similar classy character as more than 100-year-old manor house.


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