Medical Spa «Source of Life»

Arrive… Immerse … Pamper Yourself

Please enter a world of timeless atmosphere and relaxation. Take a time-out to do something GOOD for you…
Calm your body down, nourish the soul, get power for your spirit – this desire slumbers in all of us.


Health Check-up and Consultation

In our medical department, we lead you back to the origin of inner harmony and serenity with our body treatments. Here we take care for your overall well-being and – feeling.


Room of Silence

The relaxation room. Blazing fire and a breathtaking view to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
It looks as if the borderline between sky and water world dissolve fluently – as in a dream.


Your Health is your Asset

A person’s lifestyle and his/her genetic predisposition influences the welfare significantly.

Based on a holistic and sound evaluation of your health status you get recommendations for a physical prevention to maintain your welfare.


Show Courage for Recovery

Just press the PAUSE button. In our fast-paced, digital environment, this seems to become more and more important. Nevertheless, the moments of idleness become more and more important balancing your life and staying healthy.

Everybody needs to recognize this for himself. Take the courage to just say STOP and enjoy a recovery. Listen to your gut feeling. Your health is the result of your action.


“Well-being for your very personal success”


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