Sustainability starts with neighborhood relationships

Our Contribution


Farmers take care of the beautiful landscape in the mountains. In purchasing eggs, vegetables and meat directly from the local producers, we contribute on a long-term local added value and employability.

Bakery in the Village

We trust in the versatile competence of local food craft. This is the reason for planning to sign a long-term contract with the local bakery for delivery of all bakery products.


Highest hygiene in the resort and climate compatibility go together. Therefore, all textiles from the hotel will be washed in a nearby company. For transportation hybrid/electric vehicles will be used.


A viable retail is an essential part of the economy of peripheral regions. Therefore, we dispense on long approach routes and co-operation with a local stationery shop.


Only a sustainable building technology is fit for the future. A communal pellet heating center in will provide the whole resort with warmth for heating and warm water.

Wood Construction

The hotel is built as wood construction. Only the base and basement and the building parts built into the slope are foreseen in concrete. With this we contribute to building with renewable resources.


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