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HEALTH CENTER – planning concept

Leading physician: Dr. Johannes Albrecht Moslehner

The times are changing. Everything’s spinning faster. Mind and body are facing new challenges. Performance determines our lives. Moving ever-faster, we create room for change and neglect ourselves far too often in the process.

However, human biology actually requires completely different principles, because we live on the power of regeneration and self-contemplation. All of us are bodies of energy. Here, building a healthy balance means maintaining health. It means recharging energy whenever necessary.

Disease is an imbalance of forces, and it means a lack of ability to regenerate in the mental or physical spheres. Because we are more than just a machine. Emotions, feelings and thoughts determine the flow of energy, influence the organ structure and thus also determine our reality. Changes in humans are therefore always the sum of complex physical and psychological processes. These influencing variables must be managed into a compatible and health-preserving measure. This results in the concept of a holistic view. In this way, we recognize people in their complexity, we know how much thoughts and feelings, emotions and negative energies can build up or disturb us. How much a wrong diet influences the metabolism, how much a high workload destroys regenerative energies, how environmental toxins attack cell communication, and how much stress and strain distort the human lifeline.

We are convinced that modern medicine often only treats the symptom instead of curing the cause. That this medicine must inevitably end in a dead end, if new holistic paths are not opened.

At ESTIME MEDICAL-SPA we understand illness as the body’s language, and look for causes instead of just treating the symptom. Traditional methods from Chinese medicine, naturopathy and energy medicine meet the high technology of modern times, without any conflicts arising from it. The ill or health-conscious guest should again find more attention in the consideration of his wholeness. In our centres, health is actively lived, not by prohibitions or unnecessary renunciation, but by reason and carefree happiness.

In a short time, we analyse all human functions with non-invasive technology and detect interference fields or diseases. Targeted therapies use the powers of nature, including air, water, food, exercise and relaxation.


ESTIME MEDICAL-SPA means that you stay healthy or become healthy

Primarily through your own self-healing powers, which are supported intelligently and gently.


ESTIME MEDICAL-SPA means being happy in a relaxed atmosphere

Being able to let go surrounded by highly specialized experts who have only one thing in mind: To give you the most precious thing, namely health and well-being as well as happiness and joy in life. We want to live up to this high goal. And that makes us happy, too.

Dr. Johannes Albrecht Moslehner
Specialist for internal medicine


Internist Clinic and Health Center – united under one roof

We offer:

An internal medicine practice

With a wide range of diagnostic services in the fields of conventional medicine, naturopathy and energy medicine. All areas of internal medicine are represented.

Main focus

  • Cardiology (diseases of the heart and blood vessels)
  • Gastroenterology (diseases of the abdominal cavity)
  • Metabolism and nutritional medicine
  • Treatment of degenerative diseases


A health center

Main focus

  • Alternative Whole Body Diagnostics
  • Orthomolecular treatment
  • Detoxification and purification cures
  • Anabolic therapies and
  • Energetic balancing procedures


A practice for manual energy work

Focal Points

  • Healing massages and
  • Relaxation therapies

The main area of work “Regenerative Medicine” uses all services offered by the consortium. Special treatment concepts are offered for stress, burnout or serious illnesses.

All diagnostics and therapies are always monitored and coordinated by a doctor.


Our Clinic

Our offers

  • Basic and special laboratory tests
  • Intestinal Diagnostics, Rehabilitation, Immune Development
  • Colorectal cancer screening with polyp removal
  • High-resolution ultrasound for heart and blood vessels
  • Complete abdominal diagnostics with endoscopy and ultrasound
  • Alternative endoscopy of stomach, small and large intestine with capsule endoscopy
  • ECG, stress ECG, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Sleep screening
  • Whole-body diagnostics with the BIO-SCAN
  • Detoxification and purification cures, also for weight reduction
  • Psychosomatic screening


Services in Clinic and in Health Centre

Our Therapies

  • All classical orthodox medical procedures for acute and chronic diseases of organs and metabolism
  • Naturopathic Therapies and Homeopathy
  • Orthomolecular treatment (vitamins, minerals, plant substances, medicinal mushrooms, also infusions)
  • Immunostructure Therapies
  • Biological tumour treatment
  • Pain therapies with infiltration and acupuncture
  • Hormone treatments (naturident)
  • Anabolic treatment with ionized oxygen and light (biophotons)
  • Psychosomatic Therapies
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Metabolic treatments for illness and obesity
  • Endoscopies (gastrointestinal endoscopies) with removal of intestinal polyps
  • Intestinal cleansing and detoxification cures
  • Spine uprighting
  • Deep relaxation, autogenic training, guided dream journeys

Holistic Medicine in the Bernese Oberland

We will gladly help you!

  • In case of acute or chronic diseases
  • If you wish to undergo general check-up examinations
  • For whole-body diagnostics
  • If you need specialist internal diagnostics (heart, blood vessels, metabolism, stomach, intestines, abdominal organs, thyroid diseases)
  • If an endoscopy is planned for you (gastroscopy or colonoscopy, also as part of cancer prevention)
  • If you are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine (naturopathy, energy medicine, capsule endoscopy)
  • If you are suffering from exhaustion or burnout (regenerative therapies during extended stays)
  • If you want to recover with us after a serious illness
  • If you need spinal or joint therapies or suffer from muscle diseases)
  • If you are psychosomatically ill
  • If you want to detoxify or purify

A special feature: Capsule Endoscopy

In addition to classical gastroscopy and colonoscopy, we also offer capsule endoscopy as an outpatient examination.

A very small and swallowable camera provides assistance in examining the entire small intestine, the esophagus, the stomach and newly also the large intestine.

The advantage is, among other things, that one can see intestinal sections that cannot be reached with a normal gastroscopy or colonoscopy. The capsule is especially suitable for patients with unexplained abdominal discomfort or also with inexplicit blood loss. However, it is also used in the context of preventive care.

The mini camera has a battery that records images for at least 8 hours and transfers them to a data recorder.

After transferring the photos to a PC station, a physical film is created.

Now one can look for the causes of a wide variety of complaints. For example, inflammations can become visible, sources of bleeding or even constrictions or tumors. If such a founding is detected, it can be precisely localized with the help of the PC station and the corresponding program. Compared to classical endoscopies, complications are not to be expected. Anesthesia is not required, the patient is mobile during the examination. There is no pain.

Colon capsule endoscopy was the first non-invasive procedure to be introduced, which could increase the acceptance of the preliminary diagnosis with many patients who reject a classical colonoscopy.

Recharge your Batteries

Our Recreation Concept

Weekly programs in the Bernese Oberland

We have put together new and special therapy options that provide rapid improvements in chronic fatigue, performance deficits or the threat of burnout.

The treatments offered during a stay of at least one week promise quick recovery. In-house studies over several years and observations of the progress of affected patients have ultimately led to astonishing successes with special anabolic and energy therapies.

With these weekly therapies we devote our attention in particularly to all the guests who want to feel a clear achievement and recovery thrust in a relatively short time without wanting to undergo a cure or hospital stay. Psychosomatic aspects and chronic diseases are both taken into account. Preliminary check-ups for physical complaints are supported by state-of-the-art technology. All therapies offered by us are free of side effects.

Within the framework of this treatment, we use orthomolecular therapy, with which we increase the energy supply of each individual cell and its protective functions with specially adapted substances.

A preliminary energetic whole-body diagnosis forms the basis for such a tailor-made therapy. Color and sound-light therapies, inhalations with ionised oxygen and special energy therapies complete this holistic concept.

Procedures in the field of deep relaxation are practiced and supplemented by healing massages. Oriented Dream journeys accompany the relaxation and recovery phases. Mountain hike guides and herbal experts explain and specifically visit energetic power places in the Bernes Oberland.


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